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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 26, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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pretty cool. >> reporter: bill weir abc news, new york. >> way to go bill. stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> straight ahead, at the nation's highest card is about to hear arguments on the block that has divided the country for two years. more debate over president obama's health care reform act. good morning. so glad you are waking up with us. >> we began with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first up, adam caskey. >> temperatures rise to around 50 degrees. it is going to cool quite a bit. we're talking near freezing temperatures.
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56 in martinsburg. 50 degrees in gaithersburg. mostly sunny today. to mr. weiss i think we will make it in the low to mid 60's. this is where we have a freeze warning tonight in the bright blue colors. locally, this is a watch. we could expect some freezing temperatures early tomorrow morning. locally we will be covering a few degrees above freezing. mid-50's and bright sunshine. this will be our high pollingpoint this week. >> we let the map tell you about the travel times which is working well. we are in very good shape. they will of overnight
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construction by 5:00 this morning. travel times are working for you right now on the green way. 66 including 270. we will show you the dry out of clarksburg. very light right now. more to come. >> thank you. central virginia rocked by another earthquake. the 3.01 earthquake struck near virginia near 11:30 last night. no reports of any damage. district to the epicenter of last summer's madden to 5.8 earthquake. -- five. magnitude 5.8 earthquake. it was different than tochile. no reports of debt. it is the strongest among this earthquake they've had since the
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huge earthquake devastated the area two years ago. >> we are falling one of the biggest supreme court cases in decades. the high court will begin hearing arguments about the health care reform act. >> the showdown is whether part of the bill are constitutional. we get more fro. >> kathy is fighting for a seat inside on behalf of her two children. one is diabetic and one suffers from epilepsy. >> my kids are uninsurable. they face a lifetime of being one job away from lacking health insurance coverage. >> she wanted to be front and center as they hear whether the affordable care act or obamacare is unconstitutional. specifically the mandate that every american will pay its or a penalty.
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that is the controversy at the center. >> the real issue that most americans are concerned about is that the constitutionality of the government forcing americans to pay for a very expensive insurance policy. >> the obama administration says it is essential to keep companies from refusing coverage. the white house is promising not only will the law be upheld but it'll be a defining achievement of this decade. >> by the end of this decade, we will be glad the republicans turned to obamacare. it'll be nothing like the fear among greed than we have done. -- fearmongers that we have done. >> the vice president whispered this is a base effing deal. now it has become a big effing mess for the country.
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>> president obama is in south korea for a nuclear security summit. he visits thevisited the demilitarized zone. he said feature provocations will be condemned. seoul said they will shut down a north korean rocket. north korea says it has moved a rocket to launch pad and does plan to test fire. >> the pope will go to cuba today. this is one day after saying mass in hundreds of thousands of people in central mexico. it sold to outdoor masses. his predecessor visited the islands back in 1998. >> dick cheney recovering at a hospital after undergoing a heart transplant. he had a total of five heart
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attacks. it sparked a debate over whether some of his age should have received a new heart. some doctors say ages thought the only factor. >> there are some patients that are in their seventies that are otherwise exceptionally well. we feel like they should not be denied the access to transplantation. >> cheney said the former vice president have been on a waiting list for nearly two years and was thought given any special treatment. >> standing in line outside the supreme court could earn you a pretty penny. >> for more on that, let's say good morning to linda bell. >> good morning. let's begin with the index futures. it is a flat open. we're getting more negative sentiment coming out with greece on the back burner. italy is warning about spain's
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financial future. there are facing a 23% jobless rate. arguments are beginning today at the supreme court to challenge the obama administration's health-care overhaul. all the crowds are people looking to attend the arguments. it is big business. he can pay between $36.50 dollars an hour to hire professional line standards. specializes in congressional hearings. spring breakers are eyeing the capital. i will explain more coming up. we're live at bloomberg headquarters. reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. we are looking at 56 degrees. >> the maryland senate will decide whether to take a gamble
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on a new venture in prince george's county. why some critics are against the bill. >> the continued push for justice in the debt at trayvon martin. we look ahead. >> here is the monument for rent
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>> it is monday morning.
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let's take a look at our forecast here. temperatures will be dropping a bit. 55 degrees in the district. that'll be closer to our high temperatures. we're talking to mitscher's around the freezing point. 56 degrees in martinsburg. warmer and culpeper. the cooler air is bringing in from the north. through the day we've will make it in the low were 60's early this afternoon. the winds will pick up as well as the go through the morning. he will notice the winds gusting. a freeze watch for the metro area. i will have your forecast coming up. >> thank you. have a really good work out and a hot shower. things are quiet around the beltway. normal travel time is good
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through the hills and across the wilson bridge. we will take you live to the geico travel center picture. we are good on 95 between richmond and baltimore. we are live. more to come on the traffic seen but more on news. >> this afternoon the maryland house of delegates is expected to approve the laser safety act that seek stiffer penalties for people who shine laser pointers into cockpits. merriment senate is expected to vote on a bill to allow casino gambling in prince george's county. it would also allow table games at planned casinos. developers of a casino oppose it. it is not clear if the house will pass the bill before the
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general assembly session ends in two weeks. >> we're looking at 56 degrees. >> more rallies planned here across the country after the death of trayvon martin. the latest that has sparked outrage. >> the first
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but the university maryland student recovering after being stabbed by a pickup truck. it happened near a 711. issue is taken to the hospital. police are still investigating. >> the man charged with killing his estranged wife is scheduled to go on trial. prosecutors say daniel shot and killed his wife in february of last year as she waited in the drive through to clay. >> today marks one month since the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida. the calls are continuing to grow for an arrest in the case. >> a large rally being called. some of the celebrities are expected to attend. >>♪
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>> a solemn vigil as the community remembered a teenager gunned down one month ago. earlier, sunday best was replaced with acquittehooded sweats. he was wearing a hoodie when he was shot and killed. george zimmerman claimed self- defense. several activists are not buying it. >> he was killed by a vigilante. he was shot in the back of the head. the man who killed him is still walking the streets free. >> it is calling nationwide attention and he did debate over whether it was self-defense or a racially motivated murder. >> is always part of this conversation. that is the problem. >> trayvon martin's family will speak tonight and during a town
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hall meeting. she's grateful for the public response. >> we thank them and appreciate all of the support. it means a lot to us. it really hit home. >> at 2:00 this afternoon, members of the black caucus of maryland will hold a press conference. it will show support of justice for trayvon martin. they will hold a solidarity rally at the department of justice. >> some elementary schools will get down and dirty with the first lady today. they will be help being hurt plant the garden. it is part to the effort to help the student eat healthier. she did it back in 2009. >> cherry blossoms are disappearing quickly. the festival itself is just getting started. >> thousands watch displays of
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japanese kosher. it was 100 years ago. japan was trying to contain a tsunami. >> americans were standing with us at our most difficult time. >> to have them come back and realize they are on the road of recovery. >> the cherry blossom festival runs through april 27. we're getting out and checking them out. >> coming up next, a record- setting venture for james cameron. he has gone where only two other men history have gone before. >> he loves going under the
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>> welcome back. we want to get a look at traffic and weather. >> let's get the week started. >> into local dell quite a bit. some sub-freezing to mitscher's are possible. we want to take necessary precautions. here is a look at temperatures
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right now. 56 in arlington and chevy chase. 54 in west virginia. area why temperatures are starting the day in the 50's. french expert is almost 61. it is very breezy and dusty. a lot of sunshine. cooler in the potomac thailand. tonight a -- highlands. tonight a freeze along the mason-dixon line. tomorrow afternoon cool calm amid-50's. a lot of sunshine. that will be as warm as it will get. what is the latest on the commute? >> we have a stalled car itthat will hopefully be removed by the time you are rife.
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as go live to the traffic center picture. i thought i would stick with the theme across the potomac river. it is in good shape. traffic on the wilson bridge, this head over to the cherry blossoms. we are in great shape on both sides of the beltway. back at you. >> looking good. an oscar-winning director has become the third band to travel to earth's deepest point. >> he specially designed a submarine to died nearly 7 miles in the mary on a trench. he spent a little more than three hours exploring and filming. >> pretty adventurous. >> he intended to tweet. >> tonight get ready for
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another "dancing with the stars." the 12 couples will tackle the jive or quickstep. a tie at the top of the scoreboard. melissa gilbert needs to step it up. to fight the first celebrity will be going home tomorrow. -- the first celebrity will be going home tomorrow. you can call it an unusual sizing in kansas city. >> he performed the dance that made him famous in the 1990's. he played carlton in the comedy "fresh prince of bel-air." ticket out. he still have -- check it out. he still has the enthusiasm.
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they joined him for the flash mob. he danced to "it's not unusual." >> fantastic. look at them go. thousands more were in the audience. >> temperatures are a little chilly. >> still to come, hungry for the latest selling books turned into the lake is moving. how it you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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>> more rallies being held today including in the district. >> we are in for a freeze watch after a warm stretch. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good monday morning, washington. it is march 26. i am steve 270.


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